Meet Our Team

Brent Booker

Brent joined the family business in 1989, working during summer breaks in the processing plant. During high school and college he worked as 2nd shift shipping supervisor.  After college he worked in processing as the assistant supervisor.  After some time, his father and then President, Vince Booker, had health problems and Brent become VP and eventually President of the family business.  Brent has worked at the family business most of his life.  He is currently on the Board of Directors of United Egg Producers and GA Egg Association.  

Scott Horton
General Manager

Scott started at County Charm in 2005 after many years with another egg producer, Crystal Farms.  He was in charge of marketing and sales at Crystal Farms, which at the time was the largest egg producer in Georgia.  Scott was an important part of our transition from contract production to inline production.  Scott has served on the American Egg Board and is the past President of the Ga Egg Association.   

Brad Zimmerman

Brad worked in the newspaper business with Gannett Corp for 17 years before joining Country Charm in 2006.  He is responsible for all financial aspects as well as accounting and office personnel for Country Charm and our related companies.

Dewayne Wood
Transportation & Purchasing

Dewayne worked for another local poultry company before coming to Country Charm in 1997.  He is in charge of 15 drivers who log over 500,000 miles per year.  He also manages 7 warehouse employees who handle all incoming and outgoing egg deliveries.  He makes sure that the 870,000,000 eggs we produce and distribute each year make it to our customers on time and farm fresh.

Jerry Crane
Processing Manager

Jerry is one of  the longest serving employees at Country Charm.  He started with us in 1994 and was soon running our 2nd shift processing.  He now is over all processing and has 21 employees he supervises.  Jerry oversees the grading and packaging of over 690,000,000 eggs per year.

Anthony Watkins
Quality Assurance

Anthony worked at Country Charm in high school and college.  After getting a degree in civil engineering from Georgia Southern Polytech, he spent 11 years with the Georgia DOT.  He rejoined Country Charm in 2010 and started work on our SQF (Safe Quality Foods) program.  He is over all SQF and HACCP programs; and oversees compliance with numerous state and federal requirements.

Stephen Greeson
Live Production

 Stephen worked at our feed mill, Grove River Mills, for 10 years before joining Country Charm in June of 2007.  He is over all aspects of our laying hens and laying hen facilities.  He oversees the health and welfare of 1,100,000 hens and the production of over 690,000,000 eggs produced each year.  He also oversees our pullet growing program among many other aspects of live production. 

As you can see, Country Charm has many long term and experienced employees and managers. A company is only as good as its employees.  We would not enjoy the success we have, if it were not for these dedicated employees.

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