Industry Information

There is a huge amount of information concerning eggs and egg safety. To ensure we supply the safest and freshest eggs possible, we work with the following organizations for guidance and support to both the industry and our farm.


We work with UEP to make sure the care and well-being of our hens is top priority. UEP also provides expert guidelines on ways to help protect hens from disease. Country Charm is proud to be UEP certified and our egg cartons feature the UEP seal, assuring consumers that our eggs are produced in compliance with United Egg Producers’ Animal Husbandry Guidelines. A UEP certification involves inspecting our indoor housing facility, employee training, checking for no added hormones and more.


The American Egg Board helps U.S. egg producers come together with consumers and is responsible for sharing the latest research and education about the egg industry in the United States. The AEB promotes egg nutrition, where to buy egg products, egg recipes and more.


The Incredible Egg

Want to know why eggs are so nutritious? Not only do they contain just one natural ingredient, they don’t contain sugar or carbs. Eggs are a perfect source for high quality protein, which helps sustain mental and physical energy all day. Learn more about why eggs are so good for you by visiting one of our partner associations, The Incredible Egg.


If you want a great resource for various egg facts, visit the Egg Nutrition Center. The ENC is the science and nutrition education division of the American Egg Board.


Egg Safety Center is Country Charm’s resource for following FDA Egg Safety Rules for eggs available in stores and to foodservice. They ensure that our farm follows best safety practices, government regulations and safe handling procedures. You can be sure that our farm has countless safeguards in place to provide the highest quality egg product.


Our USDA organic eggs follow all NOP standards and regulations and are USDA-inspected.  We partner with the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service to ensure our hens are fed ingredients that were grown without pesticides, fungicides or commercial fertilizers. No commercial laying hen feed ever contains hormones. These hens are housed at small, family owned farms that are close to our grading operation and customers. This ensures fresh, organic eggs delivered to our customers.


Country Charm is committed to producing the highest quality, farm-fresh eggs while staying up to date with the industry’s latest certifications and guidelines. Contact us for more information.