Our Process

Country Charm provides a fully integrated egg production process from chick to egg. We grow our chicks in environmentally-controlled buildings from the time they are one day old until they lay eggs, usually at 20 weeks of age. We then handle the grading, packaging, storing, distribution and transportation of the eggs to our supermarket chain partners.

Our chicken houses hold up to 150,000 birds! The birds are kept in enclosures with sufficient space that allows them to move around and easily reach feed and water. All our hens are housed and cared for following UEP Certified Guidelines for animal welfare.  As the eggs are laid, they are released onto conveyer systems that gently carry the eggs to our grading facility. Every operation within our chicken houses are automated and computerized using the latest equipment and technology. Through our computer counting systems, we can count every individual egg that is being produced. At County Charm, the human hand never touches the eggs. Our hens lay and we grade over 468,000,000 eggs per year!

We also have organic! Our brown organic hens are kept at local, small family owned farms. We feed them wholesome organic feed from our own feed mill. When these hens are not scratching or dust bathing outside, they are laying organic eggs in a small cage free organic barn.

After the eggs are washed and weighed, our team, using the latest technology, inspects each egg for tiny cracks and discards any broken eggs. Any egg with an imperfection is automatically removed from the line. Country Charm eggs are always refrigerated at an optimal temperature, even throughout delivery!

See more about our egg production process and view a tour of our farm by watching the short video below.